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Download Invisible Women by Caroline Criado Perez : 9781784741723

Social Discrimination PDF 2.1K 1st Feb, 2020

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The book's force doesn't derive from the power of its rhetoric - instead it's the steady, unrelenting accumulation of evidence, the sheer weight of her argument' -- Sophie McBain * New Statesman * Invisible Women... is a book that changes the way you see the world -- Allan Massie * Sunday Times * Book that did most to change the way I thought? Caroline Criado Perez's Invisible Women... Perez has delivered a much needed correction: full of persuasive examples and analysis of areas from public policy, medicine, economics and elsewhere in which data have been gathered in such a way as to obscure or omit matters of most concern to women. I learned a lot -- Tim Harford Plain, detailed and almost overwhelming prose... There is no anger in Criado Perez's pages - she is too busy with evidence for that -- Tanya Gold * UnHerd * Jaw-dropping... This book is a snapshot of the dangers of a world designed to fit a minority -- Barbara Speed * i * Invisible Women shines a light on the gender gap in data and what every woman needs to know about it -- Joanne Finney * Good Housekeeping * Anyone who doubts that we live in a world designed by and for men needs to read this book, with its implicit message that even what we've won so far can never be taken for granted. * Literary Review * An eye-opening examination -- Decca Aitkenhead * Sunday Times * Wide-ranging and vastly well-informed, Invisible Women is a book that promises to transform the terms of the equality debate -- Sarah Ditum * In the Moment, **Books to Look Out for in 2019** * arguably one of the most important publications of the year -- Susan Dalgety * Scotsman *

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