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Download Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry : 9780679755333

Classic Books & Novels PDF 1.4K 1st Feb, 2020

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"A beautiful, lovable play. It is affectionately human, funny and touching. . . . A work of theatrical magic in which the usual barrier between audience and stage disappears." John Chapman, New York News "An honest, intelligible, and moving experience." Walter Kerr, New York Herald Tribune "Miss Hansberry has etched her characters with understanding, and told her story with dramatic impact. She has a keen sense of humor, an ear for accurate speech and compassion for people." Robert Coleman, New York Mirror "A Raisin in the Sun has vigor as well as veracity." Brooks Atkinson, New York Times "It is honest drama, catching up real people. . . . It will make you proud of human beings." Frank Aston, New York World-Telegram & Sun "A wonderfully emotional evening." John McClain, New York Journal American

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