[ePub Download] Thirteen : The serial killer isn't on trial : 9781409170679

Crime and Thriller Steve Cavanagh 572 19th Jan, 2020

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It's hard to resist Cavanagh's mix of high-wire plotting and higher octane action. * Mail on Sunday * A twisty clever read. * Woman's Way * A truly first-class US courtroom drama. * The Times * A cracking premise. * Sunday Independent * A fast-paced and absorbing thriller. Prepare to buckle up as a smattering of seemingly isolated events spiral into a twist-laden read. * The Herald * A blisteringly exciting thriller, with a chilling killer. * Sunday Express * This is a heart-racing novel with vertiginous twists and turns. A winning mix of glamour and gruesomeness. * The Lady * Grisham-on-steroids. * Irish Independent * Fans of John Grisham and Lee Child will enjoy this book. * Independent * Witty and clever ... irresistible. * Daily Telegraph * An adrenaline-fuelled thrill ride. Thirteen is courtroom drama at its finest. An outstanding legal thriller, so original, clever and accomplished that it should not be missed. It marks out Cavanagh as the heir apparent to John Grisham. * Daily Express * That central hook along with Cavanagh's breakneck prose pace and expert plotting make for a white-knuckle ride of a story. It's something of a high-wire act, blending the machinations of a courtroom drama with the high-octane cat and mouse of a serial killer plotline, but Cavanagh delivers on both counts in spades, expertly cranking up the tension towards an explosive finale that will take thereader's breath away. Cracking stuff. * Big Issue *.

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