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[PDF] Renegade: The Lives and Tales of Mark E. Smith

Authors: Mark E. Smith , Tom Sheehan , E.D. Smith

In Nonfiction, Biography, Music Books


The Fall are one of the most distinctive British bands ever, their music - odd, spare, cranky and repetitious - an acknowledged influence on The Smiths, The Happy Mondays, Nirvana and Franz Ferdinand. And Mark E. Smith IS The Fall - 66 members came and went over the years yet he remained its charismatic leader until his death in 2018.

[PDF] Moonwalk by Michael Jackson

Authors: Michael Jackson

In Autobiography, Nonfiction, Biography, Music Books


At the time of its original publication in 1988, MOONWALK broke the fiercely guarded barrier of silence that surrounded Michael Jackson. Candidly and courageously, Jackson talks openly about his wholly exceptional career and the crushing isolation of his fame, as well as the unfair rumors that have surrounded it.