[ePub Download] Reasons to Stay Alive by Matt Haig : 9781782116820

Health Books Matt Haig 583 11th May, 2020

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Here was someone speaking about mental health in a way I'd never heard before. It saved my life -- KATIE THISTLETON Gives a profound, sensitive and enlightening insight into depression. I can't recommend it enough for everyone -- RUTH JONES A life-affirming and quietly joyful read * * CONNAUGHT TELEGRAPH * * The amount of passages I've underlined is a real testament to his skills as a writer * * THE WHITE JOURNAL * * I feel like someone else in the world understands me now. I feel a bit less alone, a bit less scared, a bit less guilty and anxious and burdened * * LITTLE WHITE LIBRARY * * A heart-breaking account of a young man experiencing debilitating depression but comes with a surprising light touch * * SUNDAY MAIL * * Thoroughly uplifting and joyous * * Daily Express * * Quite simply brilliant * * BOOKMUNCH * * A really great read, and essential to our collective well-being -- JO BRAND For anyone who has faced the black dog, or felt despair, this marvellous book is a real comfort, dealing sympathetically with depression, written with candour and from first-hand experience. I think it is a small masterpiece. It might even save lives -- JOANNA LUMLEY Brilliant and salutary.

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