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[PDF] A Promised Land : 9780241491515

Biography and Memoirs President Barack Obama 172 30th Mar, 2021

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I really liked [it]. It was fascinating to read about times when he struggled with self-doubt and how he dealt with it. He's honest about where he might have done things differently with the benefit of hindsight. It had a level of candor and self-reflection that isn't all that common among leaders -- Bill Gates Gorgeously written, humorous, compelling, life affirming -- Justin Webb * Mail on Sunday * Beautifully written and disarmingly candid . . . leavened with telling asides, poignant vignettes, painterly character sketches and an occasional corker of a joke -- Tony Allen-Mills * The Sunday Times * As a work of political literature A Promised Land is impressive. Obama is a gifted writer -- Gary Younge * Guardian * Barack Obama is as fine a writer as they come . . . the prose gorgeous in places, the detail granular and vivid -- Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie * The New York Times * What is unexpected in A Promised Land is not its literary elegance but the former president's candour -- David Olusoga * Observer * Deeply enjoyable . . . Obama is such a fluent and warm writer and so good at describing events and people * Daily Express * Beautifully written . . . it's probably the best volume of autobiography from a former president in modern times -- Sean O'Grady * Independent, ***** * Remarkably candid and beautifully written . . . It should bring inspiration for we Brits who want to build our own version of inclusive patriotism here at home -- David Lammy * i * Gives a very human insight into the White House * Stylist * To keep company with his elegant prose, complex conscience and unmistakable intelligence is a cool drink of water after four years of the other guy . . . -- Sam Leith * Spectator *.

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