[PDF] A Wild Winter Swan : 9780062980786

Adventure & Fantasy Gregory Maguire 70 16th Feb, 2021

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"Maguire (Wicked) continues his fabulist fairy tale remixes with this enchanting story, . . . Maguire parallels the swan boy's story of brokenness to Laura's own struggles overcoming class and cultural differences. Fans of Maguire's retellings will love this simple, elegant story." -- Publishers Weekly "As Maguire has so often done before with books like Wicked and Mirror Mirror, A Wild Winter Swan is a delight of fantasy and the grotesquely beautiful in all of us." -- San Francisco Book Review "A comical, entertaining, heartfelt, and rare story, A Wild Winter Swan is the highbrow fairy tale your fall yearns for." -- Shondaland "Maguire, whose gift for transforming children's stories is most famously on display in Wicked, works his magic once again with this retelling of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale 'The Wild Swans.' An enchanting, tender, often funny coming-of-age story whose perceptive truths about the human condition surprise and delight." -- Library Journal (starred review) "This is a novel that is meant to be read in a book nook with thick socks and a winter sweater. It is a very comfortable read, where moments of stress and sadness bloom into scenes of real mystery and beauty . . . A Wild Winter Swan is unlike anything I have read in a long time--in its intimacy, simplicity and welcoming solace." -- Bookreporter.com "Sensitive depictions of generational and coming-of-age conflicts intertwine with whimsy as Maguire touchingly shows how people invoke stories to help elucidate their complicated world." -- Booklist "In a masterful meld of fantasy, longing, and troublesome relationships, Maguire's A Wild Winter Swan shows us, and its young protagonist, that heartfelt connections with other people-and with animals-can lay for us a bridge between life's sorrows and its wonder." -- Historical Novel Society "Gregory Maguire still has the magic touch . . . Maguire tells Laura's story in lush prose, laced with humor and poignancy, weaving the fabulous into the quotidian world. It's a spell you'll be happy to have cast upon you." -- Tampa Bay Times.

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