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[PDF] The Art of Escapism Cooking : 9780062802378

Food and Drink Mandy Lee 127 14th Sep, 2021

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"Lee, who vents about living abroad in her Lady and Pups blog, fuels this stunning cookbook with the ferocity of Sichuan peppercorns and chili oil. . . . Lee is as gifted a writer as she is a cook. . . . [A] unique and deeply felt debut." -- Publishers Weekly (starred review) Instead of the typical posts of gorgeous food paired with gee-life's-great text, Lee's gorgeous food is paired with extremely crafted blasts of bile and despair; it's like looking at a Caravaggio while listening to Rammstein. Her book, . . . pushes the edges of intensity in terms of flavor and fierce originality. (And that's just the writing.) -- New York Times Book Review "In [her] inimitably wry voice, [Lee] shares her story of discovering cooking's healing powers during an extremely difficult time, alongside more than 100 recipes many of which are boldly influenced by Chinese, Korean, Thai, and other cuisines." -- Booklist "The Art of Escapism Cooking" by Taiwanese-born, Hong Kong-based food blogger Mandy Lee . . . records her agonizing displacement - and the cooking that helped her endure it - when she moved from New York to Beijing for her husband's job. -- Washington Post "Thrilling food. . . . Lee's conversational writing makes the recipes and dynamic flavor combinations feel a chievable. . . . [She] scoffs at any notion of what should or cannot be done because of tradition. . . . VERDICT If ever a cookbook could be described as exciting this one would be it. Highly recommended." -- Library Journal "If you're familiar with the blog Lady & Pups, you'll know to expect both eye-popping photography and fantastically engaging words and stories from this book-and, yes, lots of recipes you'll want to make immediately (Poached Eggs with Miso Burnt Butter Hollandaise, for instance, and Buffalo Chicken Ramen too)." -- Chowhound.

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