[PDF] The Berlin Girl : 9780008418632

Historical Fiction Mandy Robotham 163 11th Jul, 2021

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'A gripping read, filled with tension and suspense as war brews in 1930s Berlin.' Fiona Valpy, bestselling author of The Dressmaker's Gift 'The Berlin Girl paints a vibrant picture of some of the chilling harbingers of World War II. You'll gasp aloud and shed a few tears on this insightful, bold, fast-paced ride through Berlin's last moments of crumbling glory before the cloud of World War II descends.' Kristin Harmel, New York Times bestselling author of The Book of Lost Names 'I was gripped by Georgie's mission to alert the world to the horrors to come, as Hitler's Germany prepares to create a new Europe. Mandy Robotham's description of Berlin on the brink of war crackles with tension and shows us the best and worst of humanity.' Sarah Steele, author of The Missing Pieces of Nancy Moon 'An absorbing read and a fascinating glimpse into Berlin and Germany just before the outbreak of the Second World War.' Janet MacLeod Trotter, bestselling author of The Tea Planter's Daughter 'A powerful and poignant look at how the world turned upside down. Full of things I love in a novel from strong heroines to forgotten history, this is Mandy's best book yet.' Lorna Cook, #1 bestselling author of The Forgotten Village 'Mandy captured a chilling sense of tension and fear, knowing what was on the horizon.' Suzanne Goldring, author of My Name is Eva 'Yet again, Robotham shines a forensic light on another little-known story of WW2... in the writer's expert hands, this [novel] becomes agonisingly tense as Georgie refuses to stand by as witness and becomes embroiled in a terrifying game of cat and mouse.' L P Fergusson, author of The Summer Fields.

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