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[PDF] The Brothers of Auschwitz : 9780008398439

Historical Fiction Malka Adler 217 8th Jul, 2021

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'I am sitting here, stunned, after finishing this book. It was so incredibly harrowing, heartfelt and heartbreaking ... I could never hope to give it the justice it truly deserves' Netgalley reviewer 'This book is so moving. It is harrowing and stunning, really well written and heartbreakingly raw. The author writes this book with such compassion' Netgalley reviewer 'I sat down and read this within a few hours, my wife is now reading it and it is bringing tears to her eyes' Amazon reviewer 'The story is so incredible and the author writes so beautifully that it is impossible to stay indifferent. I gave the book to my mom and she called me after she finished crying and telling me how much she loved it' Amazon reviewer 'It is a book we all must read, read in order to know ... It is harsh, enthralling, earth-shattering, rattling - but we must. And nothing less' Aliza Ziegler, Editor-in-Chief at Proza Books, Yedioth Ahronoth Publishing House 'Great courage is needed to write as Adler does - without softening, without beautifying, without leaving any room to imagination' Yehudith Rotem, Haaretz newspaper 'This is a book we are not allowed not to read' Leah Roditi, At Magazine.

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